A Taste of History and re-establishment of john james durfour's 1799 first vineyard

terraces renovation

“..and if there are stones, the good ones for building if wanted, or to make fences or terraces if the ground is steep,...”

John James Dufour wrote about the preparation of the soil in the vineyard in The American Vinedresser's Guide.

Stone Fence Around the Vineyard

Old Winery Foundation in the Vineyard

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Winery Hours: Closed until March 16th. Call 859.948.4208 to set appt to come pick up wine • thefirstvineyard@aol.com

Terraces (after) Renovation


Terraces (after) Renovation

In 2007, we cleared and re-established J.J. Dufour’s original terraces and, in 2008, planted 40 Cape Grape (the vines with which he started the wine industry in the United States). We also planted Riesling and Norton vines.


The next year, we planted additional Nortons and added Vignoles, and in 2012, the Diamond grape was added.

Terraces (before) Renovation

“In the United States, I have proposed to set vines in rows across the side of the hill...”


(From the American Vinedresser’s Guide by John James Dufour)

Terraces (before) Renovation


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